Bringing information together to create a single intelligence picture

The amount of data available to a modern investigative agency has significantly increased over the last decade as a result of the information explosion and increase in a Subject of Interest’s (SOI’s) digital footprint. This increase in data volumes and change in traditional data sources has resulted in many new challenges.

If you could connect your data across all the various domains of intelligence, knowledge management, operation and collections, while honouring fine-grained security access controls of your source systems - this would give you a single view of the identity, activities and location of a target as well as the ability to perform much quicker explorations of new lines of enquiry.

How can BAE Systems Digital Intelligence help you?

  • We have developed a series of solutions so you can create a single intelligence picture that helps you to prioritise your scarce resources by identifying relevant connections and behaviours of individuals, speed up intelligence based decision making by delivering immediate highly targeted search results giving you valuable intelligence
  • We also offer you a comprehensive and strong product portfolio within security and monitoring and analytical technologies. They include accurate selection, high quality processing, and strong analysis tools.
  • Tools of vital importance - when it comes to extracting the maximum amount of intelligence from communication and other data sources to help you with mission critical activities and protecting the vulnerable.

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