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Hackers from all over the world are trying to get into government databases and compromise government websites, to steal personally identifiable information or classified government documents. Therefore, security is paramount.
However, at the same time public access must be designed around the needs of the user, whether mobile or at home, with fraud protection, privacy and security designed in to retain public trust and minimise loss to cyber crime.
In an era of tight public finances, an increased threat from cyber crime and a profound shift in how the public expect to access and use services, the need for governments to deliver better for less has never been greater.
Whether submitting a tax return, claiming benefits, using public transport, accessing healthcare or relying on law enforcement or emergency services, the public increasingly expect easy to use, personalised services. In return, government is looking to increase the adoption of lower cost digital channels and drive efficiencies through streamlining process, designing out fraud and error and moving away from ‘one size fits all’ services.
Underpinning this change across the central government, law enforcement and transport sectors is the need for solutions that bring together robust cyber security defences and fraud protection solutions with brilliantly designed digital and mobile services focused on the needs of the user, not the needs of the government process.

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