In the developed world, societies flourish where public utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewage and telephone/communications services) are provided, supported and made available to those who consume them. In today’s world, we cannot live normal lives without them.
Public utilities are at the core of society, and as society evolves, so too must the infrastructure, organisations and technology that provide those services. And above all, at all times, they must be protected and secure, defended against any and all threats that may seek to take them offline, disrupt or remove them.
To defend, maintain and improve public utilities is a complex task: not everyone has the ability in-house to understand or prevent the impact of a cyber attack or terrorist action could have against the core infrastructure of a utility service.
Planning to improve a service, or roll out secure new technologies, at the same time ensuring that due consideration is given to the availability, integrity and safety of systems, often requires consultation skills, project management expertise and expert, industry knowledge that is becoming increasingly scarce.

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BAE Systems is a global defence and technology company, operating in markets across the world. Every day, our consultants are engaged in projects that cover a wide spectrum of activity, helping utilities companies evolve, secure and defend their essential services.

Whatever the challenges are that you face, talk to us. Empowered by our deep industry knowledge, our ability to innovate and our leading technology, we are confident that we can help.

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