Arguably, it is the existence and provision of reliable public utilities which is the hallmark of a developed country. They form the core of a nation’s Critical National Infrastructure, and must be maintained, secure and defended at all times
If you are thirsty, you take a drink. If it’s dark, you switch on the light. When we wish to talk to a friend, we give them a call. And when it’s cold, you turn on the heating. When we finish with our water, we can pour it down the sink.
Our lives revolve around water, electricity and gas, provided to us at the flick of a switch or the rotating of a dial. Thanks to our sewage systems, our cities are clean and healthy, and without disease. We prosper thanks to our ability to communicate rapidly with our friends, loved ones and colleagues at the touch of a button.

Simple. Reliable. Safe. Always available

In the developed world, societies flourish where public utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewage and telephone/communications services) are provided, supported and made available to those who consume them. 
In today’s world, we cannot live normal lives without them.
Public utilities are at the core of society, and as society evolves, so too must the infrastructure, organisations and technology that provide those services. And above all, at all times, they must be protected and secure, defended against any and all threats that may seek to take them offline, disrupt or remove them.
To defend, maintain and improve public utilities is a complex task: not everyone has the ability in-house to understand or prevent the impact that a cyber attack or terrorist action could have against the core infrastructure of a utility service.
Planning to improve a service, or roll out secure new technologies, at the same time ensuring that due consideration is given to the availability, integrity and safety of systems, often requires consultation skills, project management expertise and expert, industry knowledge that is becoming increasingly scarce.

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