To keep our lights on, our factories functioning and our societies prospering, all those involved in the product and distribution of energy are facing dynamic challenges:
  •  How to continue to operate profitably and efficiently in a globalised, highly competitive and regulated market?
  •  Managing the opportunities and risks in adopting new technologies across the extended enterprise, and in converging IT with the OT (Operational Technology) of industrial systems
  • Finding and exploiting new, scarce and sustainable sources of energy
  • Avoiding business interruption caused by cyber threats or terrorist activity
  • Protecting commercially sensitive information and critical infrastructure from malicious cyber attack
  • Ensuring end-to-end systems assurance of risk management, cyber security and fraud compliance
Energy organisations, their supply chains, regulators and policy makers are all facing these complex, inter-related challenges.

To survive in the hyper-connected, energy hungry world of tomorrow, Energy companies will need to transform themselves so that they can improve efficiencies, decision making, cost controls and market competitiveness.

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence can help energy organisations to be:

  •  Safe - by assuring the integrity of operational safety systems
  •  Aware – by supplying you with market leading intelligence on the threats that face you and your industry, as well as technology/systems that will monitor your networks and detect active cyber threats against you
  • Prepared – by helping you to plan for the eventuality of a cyber attack, and ensuring you have processes in place to recover from it when it occurs
  • Secure - by protecting data, system availability, operations, plants and operating infrastructures through the provision of powerful Cyber Security Services
  • Competitive and efficient - by enabling visibility of data and intelligence across the enterprise so you can make informed, risk-based decisions promoting growth and maintaining your competitive advantage.
Whatever the challenges are that you face, talk to us. Empowered by our deep industry knowledge, our ability to innovate and our leading technology, we are confident that we can help.

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