Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union Case Study

Credit union goes above and beyond with “legendary service” and security for its membership. BAE Systems’ trusted provider status meets Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union’s standard of excellence for business defense in the Cloud.
Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union Case StudyJeanne D’Arc Credit Union, headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, has seven branch offices in and around the area (plus two additional branches in area high schools for students and faculty). They take pride in delivering “legendary service” to their members.
As a full service credit union, the exceptional convenience achieved by offering an increased level of access to their members (including ATMs, online banking and mobile access) comes with significant security challenges that Jeanne d’Arc takes seriously.
“Security has always been integral to us, but with services such as online banking and mobile access it becomes top of mind in everything we do. And with BAE Systems protecting our perimeter, securing our email, monitoring alerts 24/7, and providing reports and logs, I’m able to sleep well at night. We don’t have that level of resources or expertise in-house. They are the experts”. Denise Bouchard, Head of IT, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union.
BAE Systems provides Jeanne D’Arc with a range of cloud-based applications and cyber security solutions.