Our BAE Systems Digital Intelligence space team has a history of space innovation. Following our acquisition of In-Space Missions, we are now accelerating the pace of our space technology development. Keep up with our news and insights here.
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  • Space brochure

    What role does BAE Systems play in the UK space industry?

    Space technology helps us to achieve incredible things – from protecting citizens to securing communications and defending nations.
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  • Space Insights: The Urgent Need for a Talent Renaissance in the New Space Age Tile Image

    The Urgent Need for a Talent Renaissance in the New Space Age

    Discover the digital skills challenges faced by the space sector – what they are and how to overcome them
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  • How Space-Comm Expo set the stage insights tile

    How Space-Comm Expo set the stage for the New Space concept from BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

    At the 2022 Space-Comm Expo, the extent of the space market’s recent growth was laid bare.
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  • The significance of space for defence image tile

    The significance of space for defence

    Space has become fundamental to our way of life. Paul Spedding explains why it is so important to national security and Defence.
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  • Azalea launch press release

    Azalea™: Low Earth orbit satellite cluster to provide secure digital military intelligence from 2024

    BAE Systems is set to launch its first multi-sensor satellite cluster into low Earth orbit in 2024
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  • A Day in the Life of Jessica Regan blog

    A day in the life of Jessica Regan

    Continuing our series spotlighting the roles and lives of our employees, Jessica Regan tells us about her typical working day in the space team.
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  • Defending our skyward horizons dark

    Can space tech save the planet?

    Dr Kathryn O’Donnell investigates the role space technology can play in helping us address some of the key challenges facing humanity on planet earth.
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  • Client Conversation: Commencing countdown, engines on image tile

    Commencing countdown, engines on

    Meet Mike O’Callaghan. As space programme lead at the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory he’s spearheading efforts to strengthen defence space capabilities and support the burgeoning space industry.
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  • Defending our skyward horizons dark

    Defending our skyward horizons

    John Young examines the UK government’s first ever Defence Space Strategy, which sets out plans to protect interests, stimulate growth and support jobs.
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  • BAE Systems Acquires In-Space Missions

    When BAE Systems acquired In-Space Missions

    Read the news about our 2021 acquisition of In-Space Missions and learn about what it means for the UK space industry.
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  • Digital Advantage report dark tile

    Unlocking digital advantage in high trust sectors

    Get the latest research on the challenges to digital transformation in space, government and defence, and why it’s important to overcome these.
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