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  • Quantum Computing tile image

    What should government organisations be doing about quantum computers?

    Quantum computers promise to bring disruptive advantages to many industries but what about the public sector?
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  • Unlocking Digital Advantage in High Trust Sectors insights image

    Unlocking Digital Advantage in High Trust Sectors

    We invited 120 digital transformation decision makers from across aerospace, defence and government to talk to us about the importance of using digital technology to gain an advantage.
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  • Understanding the value of international cyber capacity building black tile image

    Understanding the importance of international cyber capacity building

    International cyber capacity building does what it says on the tin: it strengthens the cyber ecosystems of developing nations to allow them to better deliver cyber security.
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  • The Role of the Military in Cyber Power image tile

    The Role of the Military in Cyber Power

    Cyber Power is the capacity to project and promote national interests in and through cyberspace – but how does it impact a nation’s military?
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  • Client Conversation: Meet the Changemaker - Insights tile

    Client Conversation: Meet the Changemaker

    How can we get more women into the tech industry? It’s a perennial question but Anna Brailsford remains undaunted. She tells Theresa Palmer about turning aspirations into action.
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  • Health check image tile

    Health check: charting the ethical use of data

    Data now plays a crucial role in any major public health programme – but seizing the opportunities it presents is one thing, protecting the privacy of individuals is quite another
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Data to Secure the UK Border

Supporting the 2025 UK Border Strategy

Watch: Molly's Puzzle

How data fusion can protect children

Home Office and Biometrics

Data Exploitation in Australia

Helping the Commonwealth exploit its data

National ANPR Service (NAS)

Enabling Law Enforcement to identify mobile criminals

Network Detection

Evolving national cyber security and building cyber defence for a military customer

Naval Data Transformation

Enabling the Royal Navy to gain insights from data

Advanced Signal Processing

Securing long-distance satellite communications

Finding Fraud and Error Faster

Saving money in tax for HMRC

Tackling Child Exploitation

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in the Digital Age