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Building more capable organisations with wearable technology

For organisations with large, active workforces, wearables present a significant opportunity. How can wearable technologies strengthen the UK Armed Forces and other large organisations? Mivy James and Mark Woolger examine how wearable technology can help workforces become more effective.
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An 'accurate to a single-second' system for TfL's railway timetable

Timetable project sponsor George McInulty, Programme Director of Infrastructure: “The ability to construct timetables accurate to a single second is world class - no other railway in the world has a timetabling system this good.” BAE Systems has rolled out a new, ‘accurate to a single second’ system for producing TfL timetables. Known as the Railway Timetable System (RTS), the system has replaced the 40-year-old CART system, which was heavily reliant on obsolescent technologies.
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