To maintain advantage in the face of rapidly innovating adversaries, like-minded countries need to develop a combined approach to defence and security in the digital age. This is easier said than done. In each state, different cultures, objectives, digital maturities, threat climates, relationships between public and private sector and capacity levels all make it easier to develop national ecosystems than to manifest international synergies. James Hatch, Chief Digital Officer, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

This is where ‘digital intelligence’ becomes such a pivotal concept, forming a culture around technology that can be the nucleus of an approach to defence and security that engages and connects partners across the world.

To build such an ecosystem needs all of society to move forward as one: developing technologies that improve the understanding and utility of data, establishing more common ground around ethics and responsibility in the digital domain, strengthened leveraging of the cloud and artificial intelligence, utilisation of space to inform more proactive responses and a more inclusive involvement of all segments of society including small businesses and academia.

‘Digital intelligence’ is ultimately a blending of innovation and influence for both cyber and physical application. By engaging society, businesses and academia alike to that innovation and influence, the UK can begin to project its vision for defence and responsible cyber power to the rest of the world.

- James Hatch, Chief Digital Officer, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence 


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