Global Executive 
Client Forum 2021

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence recently brought together leaders around the world to discuss the trends, threats and technologies which are reshaping our world around us. Explore highlights from this year’s Global Executive Client Forum.
It has been a year of challenge and change.
A year of fighting the cascading impact of the pandemic. A year where climate change has threatened the sustainability of our planet. A year where cyber threats have proliferated and evolved. And a year where growing inequality, demographic change and geopolitical strains have continued to pockmark the horizon.
Recovery and renewal will not come easily. It demands the best and brightest at decision-making tables; a diversity of experience, thoughts and perspectives; and a shared mission amongst organisations across the public and private sectors to contribute towards the public good. But it can be done.
Thomas Jefferson said, “With the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times”. As we move forward, we, too, will have to evolve and adapt, respond and adjust. That’s how it should be. Neither government nor businesses should ever press pause.
At our recent Global Executive Client Forum, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence brought together leaders from around the world to consider this ever-evolving array of challenges. We analysed issues ranging from cyber power to digital transformation, space to sustainability. Here we proudly present some highlights from the event.

- Julian Cracknell, Managing Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Global Executive Client Forum 2021 Sessions

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