Gas and Electric Credit Union case study

Cost-effective business defense and compliance with Managed Security Services

Gas and Electric Credit Union case study“I sleep better at night knowing that BAE Systems is monitoring my firewall.” Daryl E. Empen, President of Gas and Electric Credit Union.

Illinois-based Gas and Electric Credit Union isn’t among the largest financial institutions in the US, but that hasn’t stopped it from offering cutting edge electronic services to its members to make financial transactions faster and more efficient.
Gas and Electric Credit Union has relied on BAE Systems for Managed Security Services (MSS) including firewall protection (known as Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services or IDPS), secure Virtual Private Network access, and device support since 2005. In fact, BAE Systems is the credit union’s first and only fire-wall protection provider.
It’s fair to say that Empen sees BAE Systems as more of a partner than simply a vendor of services. Gas and Electric credit Union also looks to BAE Systems for assistance when it comes to compliance audits and reporting, with an added advantage for our clients being that BAE Systems is certified by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).
Ultimately for Empen, it comes down to expertise and reliability, “For a credit union of our size, that lacks an internal IT department, we put a great deal of pressure on BAE Systems to keep us safe and secure. And that’s why for 10 years we’ve stayed with them and haven’t looked to make a change.”