The high-profile cyber attack that saw hackers attempt to steal nearly $1 billion from Bangladesh’s central bank, is the largest bank heist in history. This demonstrates how sophisticated cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly ambitious in their use of technology to appropriate money undetected, before swiftly moving it around the world.
The robbery took place in the context of an uncertain and rapidly-changing global financial landscape. The stable, predictable carousel of regulation, compliance and evasion has been dramatically interrupted following a year of unparalleled change, ranging from political instability to large-scale data leaks documenting widespread offshore tax evasion.
It serves to underscore the tremendous challenges businesses, regulators and law enforcement all now face when it comes to defending society from cyber and financial criminal activity.

Watch our video to learn how hackers stole $81,000,000.


BB Heist video
How hackers stole $81m
BAE Systems specialise in combating financial and cyber crime, it is at the cross section of these two phenomena, that our Business Defence capabilities go beyond traditional compliance and security measures to defend your business. 
Our anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and cyber security solutions protect, monitor, detect and respond to the most sophisticated attacks, ensuring your organisation is defended when the inevitable attack does happen.
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