What Lies Beneath

Working together against money laundering
If money laundering were an economy, it would be the fifth largest in the world.
The hidden issue with this “underground economy” is where the money eventually flows to - fueling societal horrors like terrorism, drugs, and human trafficking. This is the scale of the challenge facing businesses, regulators and law enforcement in defending society from cyber and financial criminal activity.


Uncover the truth about how dirty money moves 


Understanding the threat

Financial Crime is outpacing many organisations’ ability to detect and prevent it. Criminals are taking advantage of the knowledge and skills gaps between organisations and their technology - preying on weak spots in the movement of money.
The fight against money laundering needs a new era of collaboration between industry, government, technology and compliance specialists. Individual financial institutions, internal functions, analytics solutions, regulators and law enforcement all need to work together closely – to unite against a common and dangerous adversary.

A global taskforce united against money laundering

No single business or body can solve these issues alone. We must break down boundaries between organisations and work together to combat and curb money laundering.
BAE Systems can help you:
  • Differentiate between false leads and the cases that matter
  • Focus your effort on effective analysis and screening
  • Avoid data blackspots and silos
  • Illuminate and consolidate data from across your business
  • Remain compliant in a constantly changing landscape
Detectives, Investigators, Regulators and Law Enforcement must work together to control the flow of money and help to defend society as a whole against money laundering and deeper criminal activity - what lies beneath.
Step boldly into a brighter future for your business, armed with more effective detection and investigation techniques - a future where criminals are brought to account.

Uncover the truth about money laundering - How Dirty Money Moves


Uncover the people who move dirty money - The Invisible Network