Ransomware and Geopolitics Although lots of folks talk about ransomware, few are immune to it. Ransomware continues to one of the biggest cyber threats, and recent geopolitical tensions only make that threat more profound.
It’s particularly more serious if the compromise deals in theft of the information, as well as locking of systems (i.e. some malware just locks information, but the adversary doesn’t have a copy).
During this webinar, our expert panelists will discuss the intersection of cyber and crypto in the ransomware and AML landscape.
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Learning Objectives:

  • How asymmetrical warfare impacts AML in 2020
  • How cyber security officials are becoming more involved in legacy AML programs
  • Understanding the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) in Financial systems
  • The sophistication and the merging of cyber and cryptocurrency conventions
  • An understanding/appreciation of geopolitical cyber and cryptocurrency initiatives and how they have an immediate impact on AML programs worldwide
  • Why OFACs decision to add crypto-wallet addresses was so revolutionary and timely

Watch the full webinar recording, or download the slides now.

Download the recording   Download the slides

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