Webinar: Next Generation Email Defense - Understanding and combating today's threats

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Email SecurityWhile data breaches and the millions of dollars lost with each attack continue to make headlines, it is often overlooked that most of these attacks started with a malicious email.
Attackers continue to send cunning and deceptive messages, and users continue to fall for them.
In fact, email continues to be one of the top targets for cyber criminals worldwide. And while most organizations have multiple levels of protection already in place, malicious emails still find a way through to the user’s inbox.

Join us in this month’s business defense webinar to learn about today’s newest email threats, understand the danger it poses to your organization, and how big data and machine learning are being leveraged by next generation solutions to protect from the latest email-borne threats.

This webinar covers:

  • The current email security threat landscape and why malicious emails continue to evade detection
  • The potential for a single email to cause a complete business shut down
  • How to protect your business from social engineering attacks
Explore the Email Security threat landscape with our experts to discover best practice for protecting an enterprise business from email bourne threats and how machine learning can work to combating innovative new targeted attacks and social engineering.