Webinar: KYC - Where Knowledge is Power

Business Defense Webinar Series
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KYC: Knowledge is Power All financial institutions need to ensure they follow appropriate procedures to comply with increasing Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory demands around the world. This is especially challenging for those that need to modernize their outdated systems to keep up with these requirements.
In this webinar, we explore ways to create an effective KYC program and how having one can contribute to greater customer satisfaction and ultimately higher revenue for your business.

Together, experts from BAE Systems and CEB TowerGroup tackle the growing challenges and concerns of KYC. Andy Schmidt, Principal Executive Advisor at CEB, reveals key findings from their recently released analyst report on KYC, including:
  • The crucial role that KYC plays in risk management
  • Trends and drivers in the KYC market
  • Recommendations to create successful KYC programs
Mariola Marzouk, Global Head of Financial Crime and Fraud Insights at BAE Systems, then shares her anecdotal experiences and observations on:
  • The problems customers are facing today
  • Improving customer satisfaction and maximizing ROI
  • Innovations that are helping to solve customer issues
A vital part of your risk assessment and risk reduction is indeed to know who your customers are. Regulators are increasingly putting pressures on banks to meet heightened customer due diligence standards and are continuing to implement new regulatory provisions.
Financial institutions cannot afford to remain stagnant in their approach to effective KYC programs.
So ask yourself; Do you Know Your Customers?