Webinar: Threat Hunting - Tracking your prey with custom monitoring and advanced analytics

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Managed Security Services - Threat HunterThe cyber threat is out there, waiting to attack and breach your organization’s defenses. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, go on the hunt to identify your target and isolate the threat.
In this latest installment of the Business Defense Webinar series, we discuss how intelligent monitoring, advanced analytics, and threat hunting best practices can provide a comprehensive, proactive cyber defense strategy.

Of course, pursuing your prey doesn’t come without impediments. This webinar also covers:
  • How to deploy this level of protection
  • How Managed Security Services can navigate you through the obstacles
  • What key requirements you should look for when evaluating these solutions 
Cyber attacks are a constant reality, and most advanced attacks aren’t discovered for months. It’s time to get proactive by monitoring and hunting in a targeted manner.