Webinar: The Evolution of Big Data for AML and Fraud

Business Defense Webinar Series
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The Evolution of Big Data for AML and Fraud The impact of new technologies and digital channels is driving data proliferation in the financial sector. At the same time, money laundering techniques are growing ever sophisticated, and preventing financial crime requires more complex and continuous analysis.
Fortunately, the evolution of big data, particularly in data analytics, has the potential to solve some of the major pain points associated with tackling financial crime and management of regulatory compliance.

In this month’s Business Defense Webinar, we examine how to manage your data as an asset and how to use advanced analytics to unlock the intelligence hidden within. We show you how this will lead to better decisions and strategic business moves, improve operational efficiency, and enable your organization to accurately identify and prevent financial crime.
We also explore how big data impacts the needs of regulatory compliance from an analytical perspective – with AML optimization, behavioral analytics and machine learning.
It’s time to navigate your organization into the digital world. The only way to do that is to truly own your data and the insight it brings to make change happen.