Top 10 Incident Response In this Incident Response Webinar, our own Michael Baker (Director, Cyber Services) will advise users on how a well-designed, pressure-tested incident response plan can save your organisation from significant financial, reputational, and regulatory issues.
While most organisations have a plan in place, few maintain them and fewer still really test and push them to the brink so that they know exactly what to do when the inevitable cyber attack happens for real.
In this webinar, we walk you through the top ten incident response failures BAE Systems has observed over the years, in order to help you avoid them:
  1. Where is my data?
  2. Lack of effective logging and monitoring
  3. Internal teams are not properly trained
  4. Too much ‘patch’ management
  5. Inexperience of what it really should be
  6. Not effectively using the tools you already have
  7. Not seeing what you need to see
  8. No experience with an ACTUAL response
  9. Partner was not properly vetted
  10. NO IR PLAN!
Watch the full Incident Response webinar

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