Business Defense Webinar: How to navigate your GDPR obligations The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new UK Data Protection Bill came into force in May 2018. These regulations are expected to impact businesses significantly by imposing new obligations regarding personal data processing activities and creating an additional compliance burden.
Although these regulations are being passed in the UK it’s important that US companies understand what it means for them. While the Information Commissioner’s Office continues to provide relevant guidance, many organisations still need to more fully understand the implications and develop an effective GDPR program.
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In this Business Defence Webinar Alex Anisie (Head of Regulatory and Compliance) and Chris Sawyer (Head of Data Solutions) explore how organisations must adapt to the coming changes to data privacy regulations. The webinar also demonstrates how organisations can leverage GDPR as an opportunity and as a platform to create material business benefits.

This GDPR compliance webinar covers:

  • How to demonstrate a clear understanding of your organisation’s data landscape;
  • Embedding privacy within your organisation to create a privacy-led culture;
  • The effective adoption of strategic technology changes to meet your GDPR obligations.
Download the webinar recording to learn how to navigate your GDPR obligations, or download the slides.

Business Defense Webinar: How to Navigate Your GDPR Obligations

Business Defense Webinar: How to Navigate Your GDPR Obligations



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