Webinar: Following the fraud

Moving fast without breaking things…
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Webinar: Following the fraud In this educational webinar our co-presenters Karen Pauli of CEB TowerGroup and Kathryn Hopwood, BAE Systems highlight the ongoing pressure on Insurers to streamline systems to reduce the costs of investigation and settlement.
The above however, must be balanced against the direct value delivered by an effective counter-fraud operation.
This webinar covers:
  • A review of the priority challenges in delivering efficiency and profitability across claims
  • The latest advances and best practice operating models for investigations teams
  • The balance of growing the fraud operation in size and scope against the need to remain compliant
  • The impact on customer service
This webinar also highlights the crucial role of fraud analytics and how they make the difference in terms of ROI and agility in both reducing organizational risk and complying with regulations. Karen also gives advice on how to get the most out of the budget dollar investment and spread out the value drivers, to improve service and processes.
Kathryn then summarises by explaining how crucial it is to keep moving forward quickly and innovating to stay ahead of criminals and keep up with consumer habits; but without disrupting everyday .business. We know that consumers will invest with companies they trust to be stable and secure.