Webinar: Escalating Intersections of Cyber and Financial Crime

Business Defense Webinar Series
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Escalating Intersections of Cyber and Financial Crime Financial crime has always presented a challenge for financial institutions, and institutions have strived to develop strong business defenses against it. Yet as technology becomes ever more complex and sophisticated, so too does the financial crime seeking to exploit it.
Constant change and rapidly evolving technology has resulted in the cyber landscape becoming the new frontier for criminals to conduct all facets of financial crime.

In this session our Business Defense experts Lukayn Hunsicker and Gina Lowdermilk provide insight into how cyber crime and financial crime intersect – and why your financial institution cannot hide from it.
This Business Defence webinar we explore: 
  • How financial institutions must recognise the cyber threat
  • Be prepared - organisations must take the necessary precautions
  • The intersection of cyber crime and money laundering
  • Keeping pace with the environment is key to Business Defense
Discover how sophisticated criminals are adapting to exploit today’s technological environment, and what this mean for financial institutions and how you can defend against them.