Big Data Organisations are generally aware that they should expect, and be prepared to defend against, instances of opportunistic fraud. However, possibly a bigger issue is the increasingly sophisticated threat posed by organised financial crime rings, often exploiting weaknesses in technology.
It is increasingly important to know who you’re up against and fully understand the challenges facing your industry.
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Today’s Challenges & Technology Trends

In this session, Dr. Dan Draz (Fraud Evangelist, BAE Systems) explores the adversaries and challenges which organisations face today, including:
  • The structure of an organized Financial Crime ring
  • The fraud cycle: action vs. reaction
  • Today’s anti-fraud technology and it’s benefits
  • The Internet of Things and Financial Crime risk
  • Big Data challenges and the changing landscape
Moving forwards, it is inevitable that the pace and scale of growing technology trends will have an impact on organisations anti-fraud and risk management efforts. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, the typical Financial Crime investigation and the skill sets required by anti-fraud personnel are likely to shift with the technological trends.
It is now more important than ever for organisations to have an accurate understanding of the trends in Fraud and Financial Crime, as well as what they can do to best defend against them.

Business Defense Webinar: Financial Crime Trends

Business Defense Webinar: Financial Crime Trends



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