Using Technology to 
Help​ HMRC Find More 
Tax Fraud

Discover the data project that’s helping HMRC make significant savings through finding more tax fraud and locating transaction errors faster than ever before
Working in collaboration with HMRC on its transformative Connect project, BAE Systems has helped this government department find fraud and transaction errors much faster than ever before.
The team has implemented a system that brings together disparate data from across HMRC, in order to provide a single view of a taxpayer across investigations.
Finding Fraud and Error Faster Saving money in tax for HMRC
  • Bringing together disparate data into a single view
  • Helping to save public money in tax, as well as crucial HMRC time
  • HMRC is now able to look at cases in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks
  • Tax error, deliberate fraud, and coordinated, organised criminal attacks can now be spotted in a way that wasn’t previously possible
As a result of the Connect project, the team at HMRC is now able to look at more cases than before, in a shorter period of time. 

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