Using data to better understand customers, providing a richer singular picture of their needs and behaviours, can enable the UK Government to delight their end users, the British public

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Making Tax Digital (MTD): HMRC and BAE Systems worked in close partnership to create over 13 million entities across various taxpayer profiles and deliver multi-millions in savings.
This single view of tax payers is something that hasn’t been possible to achieve before, as it has historically been very difficult to bring together disparate data sets.
As part of the Making Tax Digital programme, multiple HMRC teams were consulted for their expert knowledge, and this insight into the data enabled BAE Systems to pull disparate data sets together using their market leading entity resolution software. This data matching work has led to less manual data handling and a reduction in customer queries – resulting in multi-million efficiency savings for HMRC. 

Organisations want to more effectively exploit their data to improve their performance and services. An essential first step is to consolidate and simplify your data

We helped HMRC resolve 9.3 million previously unmatched data items in less than three months – resulting in a £9m efficiency saving in compliance operations. 
This, in turn, helps to improve data quality and integrity. As part of HMRC’s move to Making Tax Digital, we helped reduce unnecessary customer contacts by a factor of a hundred – ensuring the correct legal status of incorporated VAT entities.

Using data to turn insight into improved compliance levels. We discuss how we used behavioural analytics to save multi £billions in taxes

Using data to turn insight into improved compliance levels icon
When we know more about our customers we can better meet their needs and protect them. Our compliance and regulatory, design and integration services ensure our clients and their third parties can trust the information shared with them.
Compliance Risking Systems:  These services deliver superior matching, behavioural analytics, taxpayer management and compliance capability that has saved multi £billions in taxes. This includes discovering and stopping new organised frauds, such as organised VAT repayment fraud, as well as being a key factor in helping HMRC manage data across its entire estate and manage the move to Making Tax Digital platforms.

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