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The Intelligence Download Podcast

In conversation about Cyber Security and Financial Crime
The Intelligence Download features special guest interviews from experts in industry, Government and law enforcement and addresses the hottest topics in the areas of cyber security and financial crime.

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The Intelligence Download covers a range of subjects across Cyber Security and Financial Crime. We will feature special guests and in-depth discussions on the issues facing businesses and Governments around the world.
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The Intelligence Download Podcast - Latest Episodes:


Transatlantic Insurance Fraud Trends

Podcast iconMany of the challenges you face when fighting insurance fraud are shared by your peers across the world. Yet there are subtle – but important – variations when it comes to the way these trends affect insurers in different countries.

In this new podcast, two of our leading counter-fraud minds – Cate Wright and Dennis Toomey – compare different geographical approaches to tackling fraud.
They review the threats that organisations from both sides of the Atlantic face, and chat about what insurers across the globe need to be ready for as the industry continues to evolve at a dizzying pace.
Explore the emerging trends from both sides of the Atlantic today and ensure you’re fully prepared to tackle the latest fraud tactics.


Following the thread: Part two

Podcast iconIn the intervening months since the attacks documented in our series The Thread, Financial Institutions, law enforcement and cyber security providers have done much to protect organisations. In our previous podcast, we looked at the immediate response to attacks on banks in 2016 and 2017. But what can we expect in the future?
In this podcast we explore the future of financial crime with the help of SWIFT Chief Security Officer Karel De Kneef and BAE Systems Cyber Security Consultant Szu Ho, author of a report, 'The Evolving Advanced Cyber Threat to Financial Markets'.

We look at potential areas of risk, why the financial sector might be more vulnerable, and why quirks and unusual aspects of the sector could make it more difficult for attackers to succeed in their aims. Subscribe to our podcast using the buttons above, or download 'Following the thread: Part two'.


Following the thread: Part one

Podcast iconIn the months after the attack on Bangladesh Bank, cyber security experts and financial institutions responded. What did they learn, how did they change their approach and what lessons can other industries learn?
This episode of the Intelligence Download looks at how both the cyber security and financial sectors responded to the new attacks on banks, and how it changed the way that financial institutions protected themselves.

James Allman-Talbot, Head of Incident Response at BAE Systems, and Stephen Blackburn, Senior Financial Crime Consultant talk to host Ben Tudor about the lessons learned and the future for financial institutions. Subscribe to our podcast using the buttons above, or download 'Following the thread: Part one'.

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