The rise in home working during the pandemic has led to an increased risk of cyber attacks. Additionally, online channels have now become the principal focus of interaction with customers for banks, retailers, and even governments.

This means that telecom operators are in the eye of the storm. They provide most of the infrastructure over which enterprises and consumers receive and transmit data.
Furthermore, they themselves are targets, given the huge amount of customer data they amass, not to mention their ability to locate and track individuals.

Complimentary Market Research:

Telecoms operators in the eye of the cyberstorm

Telecoms operators in the eye of the cyberstorm cover image
This new report examines the cybersecurity challenges faced by telco’s and customers reliant on their infrastructure and services.
After discussing the types of attack they come under and the technology platforms that can help address them, the report considers the kind of processes a telco needs to make best use of such technology and the efforts needed to drive employee awareness of cyber threats.
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  • Why cyber security is more vital than ever - Learn more
  • Key cyber threats faced by telco networks - Learn more
  • Common cyber security challenges - Learn more
  • How telco networks can stay safe - Learn more

Security Threat and Risk Assessment

To address the increasing challenge of cybersecurity, telecom operators should implement a risk-based approach to security, prioritising vulnerabilities, addressing the biggest risks first and reducing the attack surface where possible.
Security Threat and Risk Assessment (STARA) is a truly holistic threat and risk assessment methodology in which we examine your exposure to full spectrum attack through the identification of threat led and evidence based risks.
Our STARA methodology not only allows for a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s current exposure to full spectrum attack, but also to understand the maturity of your security against some of the most advanced and persistent threat actors in the world - Learn more about STARA.


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Webinar: Telecom operators in the eye of the cyber storm

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What are the key cyber threats that telcos face? What are the regulatory pressures to improve security? And how can telcos bolster their defenses?
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