A few years ago, the World Economic Forum classified the impending technology transformation as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This foretold a new age of possibilities powered by the potential of billions of people connected by mobile devices and concurrent breakthroughs in areas such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, quantum computing and much else besides.
This vision demands a fast and secure networking capability and it is in this area that 5G is showing the greatest promise. During the pandemic, mobility has gained another meaning for businesses, sometimes even a survival criteria. And mobility will ultimately also help decide how our future workspaces evolve. Connectivity and 5G is surely going to play a big part in all of this, and therefore, the telecommunication sector has a massive enabling role to prepare us for this new future.
As my colleague Matthew Meacham has rightly pointed out, 5G technology has been designed to cater for the very large growth in data and connectivity of today’s society. However, is it having the impact the hype would have us believe it would? When we step back from the noise the emerging 5G trend echoes Everett Rogers’ theory on the diffusion of innovation. While Rogers’ developed his theory nearly 60 years ago, it is still applies today.

Complimentary Insight: 5G Technology Shaping the Future

Telecommunications Insights: 5G Technology Shaping the Future Front Cover 5G technology has been designed to cater for the very large growth in data and connectivity of today’s society – something that has been accelerated by our collective experience of the pandemic.
This means that the telecommunications sector has a pivotal role in shaping our future through provision of networks which can power these technological breakthroughs. 
The 5G revolution is gathering pace and poised to accelerate even further in the months ahead. But as mobile operators invest heavily in their infrastructure, what will recouping that investment look like?
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