Telecom Sector and Cyber Threat Landscape – an Outlook for 2020

Complimentary BAE Systems Report
The telecom industry needs to take a strategic view of the cyber threat landscape and weave-in threat intelligence as the basic component of any technology strategy.
Telecom providers are an integral part of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and face a heightened risk of cyber threats from malicious and state sponsored threat actors.
With the emergence of 5G and technology evolution towards virtualisation, cloud-native and microservices, cyber threats are expected to grow further, both in complexity and intensity.

Telecom Sector Threat Landscape Report

Telecom Sector and Cyber Threat Landscape
As cyberspace evolves, so do the threats that seek to exploit users for financial, political, or nation state objectives.
Understanding the nature of the threats telecom providers face is an integral part of any mature cyber security program. Make the most informed decisions for your organisation by using cyber threat intelligence and the benefits it offers.
Access this research today and understand the threat vectors most impacting your industry.
Our view of the threat landscape is informed by the threat actors that cause the most impact - not the ones that make the most noise. We constantly track 130+ Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups worldwide and focus on high-end threats that target large networks of national important.
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