Targeted attack hierarchy of needs: webinar recording

Missed our live webinar on November 3rd 2015? Watch the recording on demand now.
Where do you fall on the scale of least to most ready? In our recent webinar with guest speaker Rick Holland of Forrester Research, we polled our participants and found out that not everyone was as prepared, or as efficient, as they could be.

Watch our recorded session to hear from Rick Holland about the targeted-attack hierarchy of needs, with Neal Watkins, our Chief Product Officer, providing contextual examples of how we apply this expertise in real-world situations.

The Targeted Attack Hierarchy...

Key Learning points

  • prevention is not dead... but it's not enough on its own
  • the four technologies that should form your breach detection capabilities
  • why a multi-pillar vendor is the way forward
  • key evaluation criteria and considerations.
…combating today's ever evolving threat landscape is not a sprint, it's a continuous exercise in vigilance. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.