Sony needed to create an immersive global design & user experience for PlayStation, the world’s leading gaming brand.

BAE Systems were selected by Sony to help them deliver a rich, immersive customer experience program that offered a personalised, consistent and rewarding PlayStation experience across any channel, device or transaction. It also needed to work across 20 different territories and a range of languages.

What we did

We created four digital experience principles that became the foundation of everything we did. Working with 50 people from across the Playstation business we ran creative workshops that would help us to design an online experience that is more assured and engaging.

With our User Centred Design methodology at its heart, our research showed that gamers are not static but fluid and change through the course of their gaming life. By understanding this we were able to design a new kind of user experience that meets their changing needs.

Next Generation Playstation Strategy

Creating an unmistakably PlayStation design language and information architecture was only part of the challenge. With being available across a massive range of devices including the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, we produced a responsive and adaptive design approach that would work seamlessly across these platforms.

Responsive Design

We created a fully functional prototype that allowed us to validate the proposition very early on and do some valuable usability testing. The response from the testing sessions was outstanding and gave us the essential insight needed to iterate and improve our design.

With the success of the new user experience growing, we wanted to ensure that this new approach could be consistently applied across future initiatives. To do this we created a set of Digital Interaction Guidelines. These guidelines cover tone of voice, visual design, content strategy and more which will help the business to continue to deliver the unique PlayStation experiences.

The results

Almost 4 million people visited the new website in the first 2 weeks with average visits increasing from 2 to over 5 minutes. The percentage of all traffic also increased by over 10%, returning visitors were up to almost 50%, and over 30% of traffic is now via mobile devices.

The site has been hugely successful in increasing online purchases. Click through via primary features and advertising to key marketing journeys has increased by 16% and the new website now drives 35% of all traffic to online purchasing channels resulting in 15% of all sales (around 40,000 software and 58,000 console sales per week).

Customer satisfaction and brand perception also increased with 68% of visitors saying that the new website made the quality of their visit significantly better and 78% agreeing that the new design made them much more likely to visit again.


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