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Digital transformation is crucial – but organisations in high trust environments can’t afford project failure, downtime or security breaches. At BAE Systems we take a problem-solving approach to truly understand and address our customers’ digital transformation challenges. We combine our mission-centric attitude with security expertise to deliver the right results.
To achieve rapid, efficient progress and control the risk when adopting new technology, organisations need a partner who understands the culture, constraints and challenges of a high trust environment, and who is highly capable in the digital technologies involved. That’s our role.

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Digital transformation within high-trust environments such as government faces unique challenges. We work closely with organisations to build secure digital transformation journeys that support their unique missions.


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“Going digital is one thing, transformation is quite another. Alignment – from the leadership teams to the frontline – is also absolutely critical. This is particularly so when it comes to designing complex digital processes in what is often a fast-changing and unpredictable environment.”

Mivy James, Head of Consulting for National Security, BAE Systems


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Making data work better for Government
How can policymakers harness the potential of data to help drive better decision-making across the public sector? We assembled a group of leaders from across government and industry to consider how today’s challenges can turn into tomorrow’s solutions.

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