Increase customer loyalty and revenue opportunity

As a Communications Service Provider (CSP) you are keen to maximize the revenue from your customers - both enterprise and consumer - and to position yourself as a value-adding partner rather than just a provider of commodity services. One way to achieve both objectives is to offer additional services and advice which build on your core products and which provide direct benefit to your customers through high quality support, with issues that are of major concern to them. 

Cyber security is fast becoming a key topic for your enterprise customers, with an increasing awareness of the threat and the scale of penalties, including damage to their reputation, to which they might be liable, if the risk is not addressed. This is especially prevalent for your enterprise customers that are adopting mobile and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) supplied by your CSP network, as you try to position yourself in the Enterprise IT services supplier base.

Add to that the fact that Governments (and consumers) are becoming increasingly concerned about abusive content on the web, and the effect that it is having on young people;  they are increasingly looking towards providers such as you to help solve some of the issues. In the future this might also become a regulatory obligation, but already your competitors are trying to differentiate themselves in the market place by addressing this issue for their customers. The key success criteria here is how to get that differentiation but with a potential positive impact on revenue.

To create most value to your core business, you probably don’t want to spend time and money developing value added services yourself.  Ideally, you would rather draw on ‘white label’ services provided by credible partners/suppliers who you can rely on to provide and maintain high quality products, and who can provide the marketing and sales support to help you develop your customer relationships. If done correctly these value added services can be used as key marketing tools aimed at keeping your current customers and targeting new ones.

Providing ‘white label’ value added services such as data and mobile device security or consumer controlled parental controls solutions for your high value customers can provide you with a key differentiator in the market place by solving their issues, helping build trust and ultimately making them want to invest in your long term future.

How we can help

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence provides a range of ‘white label’ solutions that allow you to offer your customers something different.  They are scalable and secure whilst remaining cost effective to implement as a service to your high value customers:


  • Mobile Device Security

Cloud based security solution and secure android solution for mobile device security preventing cyber-attack for enterprise customers on a CSP’s network

  • Parental Controls

In-network customer controlled parental controls offering your high value customers the option to control content as they see fit on the network with no latency.

  • Secure Data Sharing

Help your customers secure their data as it is shared with 3rd party service providers and data consumers in the ecosystem in a way that protects their reputation but doesn’t make it difficult to work with the data.


For more information on each of them please see the relevant solution pages and learn today how you can gain competitive advantage with your high value customers.



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