Our Community Credit Union Case Study

Strategic outsourcing puts credit union on the cutting edge of cyber security. Our Community Credit Union relies on BAE Systems Managed Services to secure its network.
Community Credit Union Case Study“BAE Systems stay current on the latest threats. We simply don’t have that kind of expertise in-house, and we rest easy knowing that dedicated professionals are monitoring our network 24/7.” 
As the financial services industry continues its trend toward consolidation, institutions like Our Community Credit Union recognize the value – and the challenges – that inevitably accompany such disruption.
“To stay competitive we have to continue to grow, yet still be able to deliver exceptional service to our membership,” says Lori Howland, Vice President of IT for Our Community Credit Union. “There’s no doubt our expansion plans, while critical, add significant pressures, not the least of which is ensuring our network and our members’ data are safe and secure."
Our Community has relied on BAE Systems to manage its security since 2007, when they began to grow more expansively in both size and span of services, including offering their members online and mobile transactions. According to Howland, selecting BAE Systems “has been, and continues to be, a very good decision for us.”