NetVIPR™ seeks to overcome these technological and operational challenges by using a modular, open architecture that can unify narrowband and wideband communications in to a single network; and by applying published NATO standards can ensure interoperability not just across a nations domains but with allies and partners as well.  
In a modern battlefield that comprises of land, sea, air, and now includes cyber and space, it is vital that militaries maintain control of their communications in challenging and dangerous environments.
With our team of ex-military personnel, we are re-thinking network communications, built for an environment that is often disconnected, interrupted and low-bandwidth, we are applying our real-world understanding of what is needed on the battlefield and when.
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By using the full spectrum of communications infrastructure, military personnel can maintain a communications networks amidst a myriad of offensive challenges, when they need it most. As opposed to being solely reliant on satellites or fixed infrastructure which are often targeted by adversaries.
  • Designed and developed by technical experts with many decades of operational experience
  • A scalable solution that provides an intelligent, flexible and secure network from Command HQ to autonomous platforms
  • An open and resilient modular network architecture allowing for multiple data sources to be moved and accessed at pace
No matter where military personnel find themselves, or the technology they rely on, intelligence is vital to keep themselves and local civilians safe. However, without real-time intelligence delivered via deployable and uninterrupted communications networks designed to be easy to deploy and sustain missions, their job is significantly more difficult. Mark Todd, MBE – Head of Strategy, Technology and Transformation

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