Managing Email Phishing Attacks white paper

Email spam and malware are becoming an increasing problem in all organisations. Managed Application Services and Email Protection Services from BAE Systems can help you both protect your operations and manage costs.

“Email messaging is your company's most critical business communications service"

Email PhishingKeeping it secure, compliant and highly available can be a surprisingly challenging problem. Email phishing campaigns are becoming an everyday reality of business. It is no longer a question of if your business will be a target of a phishing campaign, but when it will happen.
To protect valuable assets and keep your email system functioning, you need to deploy third party anti-virus and anti-spam engines, a leading-edge data loss protection solution, and technology to quickly encrypt messages containing personal, confidential, and trade secret information. Additionally your auditors and counsel demand a robust message archiving system.
The disaster recovery needs of your organisation require a secure offsite backup system. With all of these requirements, cost and complexity can quickly spiral out of control and distract you from your core business.
Here at BAE Systems we are ready to help you manage the complexity and control the costs with our Email Security Services.We can completely host and manage your exchange environment, or our Email Protection Services can be implemented collectively or a la carte with other existing messaging vendors such as Google and Office 365, and seamlessly integrate with any cloud or on-premises email system, including BAE Systems' Exchange service.

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