Managed Security Services

The next level of Managed Security Services -
Now available for your business
Businesses today face a different kind of cyber threat.
Thankfully, there's also a different level of defense.
Determined, capable cyber criminals don’t target those organisations best-equipped to defend against their attacks. They attack any target that will meet their objectives, using the sorts of tools and techniques that were previously only available to the best-equipped, most sophisticated attackers.
It’s difficult, expensive and time consuming to get the right mixture of people, process, technology and training in place, and maintaining these defenses while adapting to constantly-changing threats is a huge task.
We’ve been trusted to protect the networks, data and devices of government organisations and large companies for 40 years. For the last seven years, we’ve also developed Managed Detection and Response, protecting our own resources as well as those of our clients.
We can now bring that scale, cutting edge knowledge and security operations capability to your defense, coupled with an approach that meets your specific requirements.

BAE Systems can help you:

  • Understand the threat, risk, vulnerabilities you face, and your security posture
  • Optimize your security infrastructure 
  • Monitor infrastructure, correlate and visualize information 
  • Detect anomalies, investigate and eliminate the false
  • Respond quickly and completely to campaigns of attack 
BAE Systems Managed Security Services help our customers to enhance and develop their security operations in line with their unique business challenges and security objectives.
A security partnership with BAE systems delivers intelligence-led and threat-focused detection and response, proactive threat hunting for insider and external threats and accurate and fast responses using machine-accelerated human decisions.
We offer complete infrastructure coverage, from the endpoint through to the cloud, and access to the latest technologies, techniques and processes.
Available with regional data residency, your services will be delivered by dedicated 24x7 Advanced Security Operations Centers ASOC, staffed by skilled, experienced and qualified people.
The cyber threats being levelled against businesses today have evolved. Thankfully, so have the defenses. 

It’s not just security. It’s defense.

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