Case Study: Malaysian Insurers Collaborate Against Fraud
Motor insurers are often regarded as acceptable targets for both opportunistic fraud and organised criminals funding crime by crashing cars or staging accidents for cash.
The Malaysian insurance industry is currently working on a Fraud Intelligence System initiative to combat Insurance Fraud. The ultimate goal is to ensure that any cost of fraud is not passed on to the consumer in the form of premiums.
After evaluating many providers in the market, BAE Systems was selected as a strategic partner for this endeavor. In order to support Malaysia’s aggressive approach to disrupting and preventing organised motor claims, we’ve leveraged our decades of experience in providing national-scale detection and investigation technology and analytics to root out the most difficult-to-find criminals.

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Insurance Fraud

NetReveal® P&C Insurance Fraud

The NetReveal® property and casualty (P&C) Insurance Fraud solution provides insurers with the ability to quickly and accurately detect, investigate, and prevent insurance fraud, while minimising the impact on genuine customers.