Why the global Cyber Security landscape paints a concerning picture

BAE Systems speaker: James Hatch, Director, Cyber Services
As cyber space evolves so do the threats which seek to exploit people, businesses, and even whole countries. Some are driven by financial gain and others by social causes. But the most significant threats we see today are from those with nationalistic motivations or supported by nation states. These actors are more focused in their efforts, better resourced, and can leverage a wide array of capabilities to achieve their mission. In the past year alone we have seen multiple cases involving such actors, and it paints both a concerning picture for global cyber security as well as presenting significant technical and policy challenges. This presentation reflects on some of trends observed in the threat landscape through public reporting, but also draws upon BAE Systems’ insights from responding to cyber attacks and tracking those behind them. We provide an update on the why and the how of the most significant cyber attack campaigns we see today.

Future of Threat Intelligence: How you Ingest, Analyse and Act on Threat Intelligence will change

BAE Systems speaker: Russell Kempley, Director, Technical Services
Over the last few years Threat Intelligence has rapidly developed to become an essential component of organisation’s security defences. But it’s far from fully matured and there are some significant differences in the way intelligence functions are being built and integrated. BAE Systems has long been involved with the business of intelligence and will share some insights and predictions as to how the capability, and the industry that supports it, will evolve. This presentation covers the essential requirements and optimal exploitation for intelligence that will provide valuable situational awareness. Also discussed is the paradox that intelligence needs to be shared to protect as many organisations as possible while also keeping it secure.

Cyber Threat Protection: Real world cyber attack deconstructed

BAE Systems speaker: David White, Director, Cloud Security
In his presentation, David discussed the security advantages of hosting your critical applications in the cloud compared to the DIY approach. He shares new techniques BAE Systems is implementing to detect insider threats, be they malicious or accidental, and how you can stop them before your trade secrets or sensitive data leave the building. Lastly he discusses how traditional anti-spam and anti-virus solutions are no longer sufficient to fight the enterprise-level threat and how your organisation can defend against targeted attacks and zero-day exploits.

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