Intelligent Detection and Response Buyer's Guide What words do you associate with MSS? If you’re optimistic, you might say “reassurance” or “resilience”. But, no matter how much of a managed security romantic you are, you’d probably admit there’s a more cynical term that also fits. Compromise.
For too long, managed security meant sacrifice. Conceding the best detection and response tools. Or retaining them, but at the expense of a tailored, high-performing partnership model. And that’s a problem. Because if there’s one area of your IT estate where you really don’t want to compromise, it’s security.
Intelligent Detection & Response Buyer's Guide


Intelligent Detection and Response: The Best of Both

But those days of compromise are over, thanks to the arrival of intelligent detection and response. This smarter approach to managed security gives you both supercharged detection and response capabilities and a robust partnership-led managed security approach.
If you’re used to working with an outdated MSSP or a fickle MDR vendor, you may not have thought this balance was possible. But by blending the best of both managed security offerings together into an intelligent detection and response approach, you can benefit from this resilience-boosting service.


Redefining Managed Security

This intelligent approach is defined by its ability to detect and respond to advanced threats in the here and now. And, at the same time, generating intelligence that can improve your resilience in the future.
If you’ve been forced to put up with years of substandard security services, this might sound fanciful – the stuff of a rose-tinted dream. But it’s not.
It’s ready to roll out today, and capable of delivering immediate results. The challenge is finding the right partner – one who can fully deliver on this promise of smarter managed security services.


Intelligent Detection and Response Infographic

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The Characteristics of Intelligent Security Services

Download our buying guide, and you’ll discover:
  • How the best providers are able to ensure their threat detection is unrivalled
  • Why it’s not just what gets detected, but how those threats were identified that matters…
  • … and the importance of translating that to your business specifically
  • What role a vendor’s detection tools and IP play in providing the most effective security
  • Why you need to demand complete transparency from your partner
Download Intelligence Detection and Response Buyer's Guide

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