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Identify operational risk and enable well informed and timely decisions

Global capital markets institutions are seeking to improve their management of risk – including regulatory, counterparty, operational and cyber – in the face of increasing product complexity, and explosive growth in trade volumes and data.

Improving management of risk

Capital Market

Capital markets firms operate in a highly regulated and increasingly competitive, budget constrained market. At the same time, you are still expected to establish an operating model that allows analysis and surveillance to become a seamless part of day-to-day operations whilst avoiding barriers to the core business. Without accurate information and a complete view of the context in which risk occurs, you cannot make timely and well-informed decisions to adapt to changing regulations, new competitive threats and emerging market opportunities.

Building this complete view is challenging for institutions that have grown organically or over years of mergers and acquisitions, resulting in a legacy IT ecosystem and organisational silos. Cyber security is also critical if you are to grow and prosper in our hyper-connected world.  Your commercially sensitive information, intellectual property, business intelligence and key systems are critical to your business success but are also highly valued by a range of adversaries.

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Adapt to new competitive threats and emerging market opportunities

We employ advanced analytic techniques enabling you to:

  • Comply with regulatory obligations and optimise the systems you already have in place
  • Safeguard your mission-critical information from cyber threats
  • Reduce your potential exposure to catastrophic losses from unauthorised trading events
  • Create a complete risk picture to evaluate every individual trader, desk, book or other business entity, across function and over time
  • Improve understanding and visibility of existing controls through management information systems