Defence Information Advantage We are in a new age of warfare. Well-defined notions of territory often no longer apply and measures of threats or attacks to our nation, our people and our constantly changing way of life, can be difficult to ascertain and attribute.

Information warfare is now a fact of life and the digital tools which can be exploited to effect harm upon us are constantly evolving – as are the skills and tradecraft of those we must defend against. As we gear up to counter the threat of hybrid warfare, we must harness our total strength in conventional, cyber and information warfare. So, how do we do this?

Combining pace with information

To gain advantage in this ever-evolving landscape, we must be faster, more incisive, more predictive and better informed than our adversaries. This means we need to bring together many disparate information sources and identify and assimilate correlations that are relevant to the mission and which previously may not have been obvious.
It also means quantifying trust against information related to its origin, its communications routes and security enforcements, as well as the potential opportunities for interference. This means you have to collect, connect, understand and make decisions quickly and flexibly enough to maintain advantage as new issues come to light and mission and/or political situations evolve.
To be prepared, all of us must re-evaluate and improve our cyber resilience and enable and support ways of working that will ensure maximum gain can be taken from opportunities to collaborate.
Within industry, we have a responsibility to ensure our products and services can be trusted to operate and deliver as intended.  That means addressing the whole capability life cycle, our people, partners and suppliers and architecting cyber resilience in from the get-go. None of us works in isolation and creating secure environments with those partners that can enable us to deliver maximum effectiveness, at pace, will be essential in ensuring we can each play our role in protecting the nation.

Team up to build up

BAE Systems is well known for its Defence business, helping MOD to deliver operational capability at scale across the Front Line Commands of Maritime, Air and Land. But we’re about much more than that…
Internationally, our Applied Intelligence division helps governments protect their networks, handling data at a national scale and tempo. We provide threat intelligence to support HMG through our work protecting vital national and commercial infrastructure. Less widely known, though, and very relevant to the establishment of trusted all source fusion intelligence within the MOD, is the pedigree and reputation BAE Systems possesses across the wider government.
In January 2018, we created a dedicated Applied Intelligence Defence business to ensure that the capabilities and lessons learned within our National Security business can be utilised in support of MOD. With our core capabilities aligned to the responsibilities of Strategic Command, we are working hard to help MOD adapt to the evolving environment and ever more complex mission.
For over 30 years we have been helping HMG to keep us all safe by providing cyber, electromagnetic, data security and data management tools, skills and knowledge. But equally significantly, we are helping government transform how things are done, deploying modern agile ways of working and finding new ways to enable this country’s best talent to continue to utilise the latest high efficiency software development environments. In other words, we’re helping our clients operate securely, confidently and at pace.
The MOD needs to closely collaborate with its partners to provide the richness of data necessary to best inform decisions more than ever before. Our responsibility in supporting Strategic Command is to provide all that we can with regard to tools, tradecraft, people, training and processes from both our Defence and National Security businesses to help MOD gain and sustain Information Advantage in a highly dynamic environment. We recognise the essential need for close and secure collaboration within and external to HMG and will continue to work to enhance this.
Finally, across BAE Systems, we are capturing and deploying the best cyber knowledge into our own processes and solutions to continue to proudly provide HMG with the best products and services it can buy, to ensure that when MOD must act, it can do so with confidence – connect, understand, decide and act.

Learn why pace and information are so vital in this new age of warfare – and how BAE Systems can help.

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