At BAE Systems, we are helping Canadian National Insurance Crime Services (CANATICS), use sophisticated analytics in the fight against insurance crime.
CANATICS is a not-for-profit organisation focused on identifying potentially suspicious claims in insurance industry pooled data, to facilitate further investigation by individual insurers.
Watch the video to explore the CANATICS multi-year proof-of-concept, using NetReveal from BAE Systems.
CANATICS / NetReveal Video Case Study
CANATICS / NetReveal
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

NetReveal is currently fundamental to the way CANATICS detects insurance fraud in the Canadian auto industry:

  • Finding patterns within distributed data from multiple carriers
  • Enabling entity resolution
  • Processing huge volumes of data at a fast pace, to create a true picture of what’s really happening, and understand the connections between people, places and potentially fraudulent claims
  • Tracking suspicious behaviours and forwarding prioritised leads to insurers for investigation

As Ben Kosic, President and CEO of CANATICS says, “It couldn’t have been done without NetReveal.”

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