The impact of COVID-19 on Defence has been far reaching. Although smaller teams have been able to seamlessly transition to working from home, some of the basic processes – from supply chain to administration – have proven unnecessarily dependent on the human operator. Such shortcomings have helped catalyse the need for further digital transformation.
Transformation, however, is not about a specific technology or innovation – its real benefits come from the re-engineering of processes and enabling new ways of operating, which means that it is more about culture than anything else. Embedding a long-term cultural change also reflects the reality that digital transformation is an enduring process and not something that occurs overnight.

Complimentary Insight: The Drive for Digital Transformation

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Learn why the careful orchestration of people, process, technology and culture are crucial in turning digital ideas into digital transformations.
Sandy Boxall and Rob Clifford reflect on their experiences of digital transformations and explain how to overcome the myriad challenges which lie in wait on any transformational journey.
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