The ability to generate, handle and manipulate data is evermore important as organisations increasingly try to gain a better grasp of their own operations, their business partners’ needs, and end customers’ wants. However, as part of the need for a connected, smart, data-driven evolution, one core element can not be left behind: Security.


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Complimentary insight: Security in an Industry 4.0 World

Amid the race to ‘digitally transform’, manufacturers are facing a precarious juggling act in trying to enhance both their IT and operational technology (OT) infrastructures in tandem. However, between the two lies unbound potential for gaps to appear and vulnerabilities to be exploited if integrated too hastily.

As we move towards a more sophisticated, vast and connected digital makeup, Richard Daniel, Technical Security Consultant, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence looks at why it’s critical that cybersecurity is treated as a foremost priority, not an afterthought.
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