The use of cloud technologies by organisations large and small grows every day.
That’s because cloud services excel at providing a simple solution to many IT challenges – most commonly rapid build out of new services without the delays of hosted IT procurement.
But what about the security of these systems? Is the new threat landscape arising from cloud services, environments and associated exposure, coupled with the wholly new technology stack that organisation’s services operate on, being adequately considered during this migration process? Are these controls scoped for legacy systems still adequate, appropriate and effective?

Complimentary Insight: Security Design from the Outset

Security design from the outset front cover This paper discusses the aspects of security that many cloud related IT projects overlook, and where CIOs should be aware of critical but often overlooked security considerations that cloud services consumption necessitates.
Based on these challenges, we will put forward three fundamental questions for CIOs to consider when evaluating cloud adoption and expansion.
Download the white paper to examine these key considerations and explore our recommendations for security design from the outset.
Download the white paper

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