With government organisations under pressure to tackle digital transformation challenges, we assembled some of our pioneering and innovative partners to discuss what small and medium sized enterprises can bring to the digital transformation party. Our partners were joined by Mivy James, our own Digital Transformation Director, to:
  • Dissect the true meaning of digital transformation
  • Assess the value of an SME partner ecosystem to drive digital transformation
  • Suggest how government organisations can better attract and leverage SME partnerships
Government Insights: Driving digital transformation through SME partnerships front cover image
Complimentary insight: Driving Digital Transformation through SME Partnerships 

Digital transformation is arguably the most loaded and misunderstood buzzword across government and industry at present. Organisations of all shapes and sizes have been pressured into tackling the term – nobody is exempt from its reach.

But how many really know what it truly means? And as such, how many are enacting the correct strategies to keep up, let alone get ahead?
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