Connected autonomy in vehicles is coming. In many senses it is already here. But as the digital roads and transport ecosystem becomes increasingly connected and complex, software defects and security vulnerabilities will continue to increase – it is the nature of commercial software development. In addition, code and component reuse within the technology supply chain will result in many hidden common points of failure and vulnerability.
However, a commercial culture of ‘lowest bidder wins’ amidst a fiercely competitive market will not give us this. Find out why we need suppliers, manufacturers, and operators to embed fresh approaches, and incorporate external support and influence to drive the desired behaviours. 
The cyber resilience of digital roads front cover image
Complimentary Insights: The Cyber Resilience in the Digital Roads Ecosystem of the Future
In this new white paper, Alex Crompton argues there is an opportunity to enable the ecosystem to tolerate cyber events and operate safely despite widespread compromise. It may be as performant as it was, but it will operate, and safely.
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