The information age has enabled significant improvements to the transparency of government, to the efficiency of administration and to the availability of centrally managed services. These benefits come with new risks and vulnerabilities, and as governments and institutions transfer more services online they create opportunities for malign cyber activity that must be secured.

The modes of attack can vary, but all target the trusted two-way flow of information between citizens and institutions, a critical dependency for good governance. As a result, in recent years we have seen the reality, or even the threat, of interference with election systems and government databases cause major problems for even the world’s most institutionally robust and established democracies.

Due to the highly interconnected nature of information systems, a nation needs to have a comprehensive cyber security strategy in order to secure itself against such threats, one that is backed up by institutions with the people, processes and technologies needed to act on them. Here we set out some of the steps we recommend countries take in order to bolster their cyber defences.

Government Insights: Cyber Resilience and Democracy cover Complimentary Insight:

Cyber Resilience and Democracy

As countries joust for competitive advantage, the terrain has now moved beyond the traditional battlefield.
Here, Bertie Kerr considers the wider strategic context as clashing doctrines, approaches and values richochet across cyberspace.
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