Global Executive
Client Forum 2020

Find opportunity amidst uncertainty
Opportunities and challenges associated with Cyber Defence, Digital Transformation and supporting the National Security Mission
"2020 has been a year that none of us will forget. The political, economic and social disruption wrought by COVID-19 has shattered long-established norms and created a world of unprecedented challenges for individuals and society.

And yet amidst this great instability, the business of government continues. National Security missions endure and cyber threats continue to evolve and proliferate.

How should organisations across the public and private sectors balance day-to-day pressures with the opportunity to gain advantage from the post-COVID-19 world? Many are taking advantage of new ways of working. Digital transformations are accelerating. Daily routines have been upended.

At a time when systems, countries and peoples are in flux, effective leadership has never been more important. BAE Systems recently gathered together leaders from around the world to discuss how organisations and their workforces can navigate their digital and cyber challenges to successfully shape the post-COVID-19 world as it slowly emerges."
- Julian Cracknell, Managing Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Global Executive Client Forum: Digital Delivery


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