The UK’s expertise in security and resilience is widely seen as world-class, and a key asset to bring to bear in its “Global Britain” agenda. Assisting partner nations in building their security and resilience capacity can be a vital tool for the UK to promote its influence, expand its trade, and protect its own security and that of its allies. However, there has been little public discussion on this joint opportunity.
Commentary on this topic often focuses either on public sector actors in defence and security policy or on the importance of trade deals to enable exports by industry. More rarely does it consider exactly how the roles of the public and private sectors interrelate.

Complimentary Insight - From Strength to Strength

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Discover how the UK has capability and expertise to offer, and the means to deliver it – through its international influence, overseas development experience, capable industry, and collaborative approach. 
In this white paper we discuss specifically how UK Government and Industry can work together to help deliver both security and prosperity through international capacity development.
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